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Monday, July 17th 2023
9am-11am (EST)
Join Nikki as she shares her birthday reflection rituals, creative inspiration including the much asked about 'Post-It Portal' Process!

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Magical people bring out the magic in others.

My why is to to bring the magic out and to unleash it.

I understand that 'everything I say and do matters'. Every exquisite ingredient to life is an opportunity to witness sacred miracles and my capacity to understand what can be observed, felt, seen and experienced in every moment or 'true presence' is ultimately the gift of how I awake to my inner infinite wisdom and share it with sacred community.

Everyday I tune in and raise my vibration to match my desires and the quest to capture the trust of my curiosity for 'something more' and because of this I experience more love, deeper connection and I am aligned to my dream life filled with purpose, abundance, ease and harmony.

I am responsible for my life, my feelings, my personal growth and for every result I get.

Everything is alive and energy is visible.

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My intention for this workshop is...

3 things I am grateful in my life right now are...

What are your top 3 priorities/core values in your life as you understand them now?

My happy place is...

My biggest dream is...

What is your biggest Yes?

What is your biggest No?

What positive beliefs do you have about creating/living your dream life?

What limiting beliefs do you have about creating/living your dream life?

The area that I am wanting most support in my life right now is...

When I hear the word 'Dream or Make a Wish' I immediately...

I believe...

My magic is...

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Sunrise or Sunset?
What was your first job?
What is your favorite time of day?
What is your favorite month?
What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite animal?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite word?
What is your favorite place to travel?

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The INSPIRATION behind the FUTURSELF Monologue

What would it feel like to live to 108?  That was asked of me.

Ever wondered what your FUTURSELF Monologue would look like? In the end of the 10week NIKKI MAGIC program everyone is invited to create a 5-10min monologue of your FUTURSELF and then it is shared live or pre-recorded in our closing week - it's incredible and definitely my favourite week! Above is a monologue I created for Inspiration - it's longer than 10mins... it is 108years transported into 26mins.

During the first program after I assigned the monologue I was invited to also participate. I joked... "I'll do it for my 108th birthday!" - not fully understanding what I was asking of myself. 

It’s 26mins and it wasn't easy AND it was one of the most creatively beautiful, vulnerable, cathartic things I've done for myself. I’ve been invited to write my own eulogy before – what I love about working with empowered mindset magicians Catherine and Hina is that it really asks you to get real with the hidden beliefs that live deep within you and it invites you to get real honest about what your deepest desires are and what your willing to do to change.

What is your truth and are you living that in your life right now?

NIKKI MAGIC was created out of dreaming up what we call a ‘C Goal’ in the Thinking into Results program.

 A C-Type Goal is something:

  1. You really want;

  2. Lights a fire in your belly;

  3. Causes you to stretch and go beyond where you’ve ever been

  4. Is so big, it scares and excites you at the same time

  5. You have absolutely no idea HOW to reach, you just know you will.

When dreaming of what goal I wanted to set for myself - it wasn’t easy. There is a lot of things that both Victor and I are creating together but I really wanted something for myself.  I thought of a million ideas, there’s a lot I want to do with my life and the thing that stood out more then anything was to teach, share and guide others with the tools that I have been so grateful to learn from all of my combined mentors.  A program filled with all of my magical tools that help me in the good times and even more important in the challenging times.  My ‘life lines’ - the practical tools that in my experience help me live an inspired, creative, joyful, mindful life.
I always knew I was a dreamer (in fact, I was always encouraged by my mother – so from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mom!) but what I’m really noticing and what the NIKKI MAGIC program brought to light is that not everyone finds it so easy to dream.

What I know for sure from my experience on retreat and in the communities of the coaching groups I participate in is that it truly is a gift to create a space where people can speak freely and feel safe to let themselves get lost in the deep desires that live in all of us.
It hasn't always been easy to dream... there are always roadblocks.  The ups and downs of life – and trust me, I’ve had my fair share.  It's a practice - just like anything and at the end of all of it is the gift to know that it is our birthright to dream the biggest dreams.
108 years is a lot of years when you have had limiting beliefs of living a long life after 2-cancer diagnosis. And although I feel I have broken free of many of these old beliefs and understand none of us have guaranteed time - I am human.  Visualizing myself growing old, living a life that is meaningful and full of love and connection tore me to the core - it dug something deep out of me and there were a lot of feelings, emotions and tears.

The soul work that is evolving from NIKKI MAGIC has deeply touched me and I am so inspired by this work. It is a gift and I’m honoured to share through my life experience – it really lights me up and makes every 'shit sandwich' of life's inevitable ups and downs worth going through as we turn our focus to 'the good' in it all. There are people I've met along the way that I can't imagine my life without - so... you heard it from me... I wouldn't change a thing!

I’m sharing the video that I made in hopes that it inspires you to live a beautiful life – no matter what the circumstances.

May we cultivate the magical wonders of witnessing an ordinary world as truly extraordinary unfolding acts of love and kindness in each and every moment.

Special thanks to Molly Magic and to all my loves… my heart, your heart, same heart.

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Join Nikki as she shares her deepest heart desires of her MYFUTURSELF script.What is the biggest yes of your life? What are you calling in? What is it that want more than anything else in this world? You have the power to make your dreams come true. There has never been a better time than now to truly tune-in to what your body, mind and spirit are telling you. ✨ #itcostsnothingtodream

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Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation also known as “yogic sleep” or “effortless relaxation”. It is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation. This beautiful practice combines deep relaxation, affirmation, breathing, mindfulness, visualization and self-inquiry to body, mind, and spirit and finding a deeper connection to true health, healing, and peace of mind.

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Creative Mindset Soul Coaching Program

Mind | Body | Spirit connection

Program runs over 10 weeks | September 20th - December 6th, 2022

Tuesday Meetings - 9:30am -11:00am (EST) 

Thursday Meetings - 9:30am -11:00am (EST) 

Thursday Yoga Nidra - 8:00am - 9:00am (EST)​

All sessions are recorded

Nikki Magic is a 10week online program opening up all the senses in a beautiful holistic approach to the mind/body/sprit through a mix of practical mindset and daily retreat practices that support the well being of your physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Nikki helps support and guide people towards everyday balance, establishing core values, boundaries, emotional agility, creative intuition & imagination, presence in ordinary moments and daily ritual to unlock their full potential, create inspired action and vibrational matches for what they are manifesting and deepen their relationship with living a life with more meaning and purpose. 

This program is for those curious and ready to dive into deep reflective work that creates the environment for inspired action and sacred community to be seen, felt and heard.  A safe place to share, grow, heal and transform into a living a life with more meaning and purpose. Together we create a supportive, authentic and real experience so you can thrive, be open to change and meet the specific needs of where you are right now. 

Through practical bite size practices of daily reflections, meditation and active listening we continue to expand into living a life that feels aligned with purpose, intention and presence aligned with your deepest heart desires and the ability to shine your magic and create the life of your dreams. If you are longing to dream, willing to transform and curious to live a more conscious life... come play Magic with me. ✨

**Limited space

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My Birthday Wish!

Another year around the sun and this year I have a big birthday wish!

My wish is...

I am so happy and grateful now that I raised $30,000 and have hosted my very first Nikki Magic

Make a Wish Retreat. - July 19th, 2023

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