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Inspired, creative, mindful art, made with love for a cause.

Sofie + Charlotte + Nikki Magic

Sofie & Charlotte Barry, born and raised in Toronto Canada to parents Nikki Leigh McKean & Victor Barry are said to be the baby Picasso's of our time. From a young age they have understood that living in the full expression of themselves and their creativity allows them to break free of any limitations from external circumstances and to trust the hearts deepest desires.  The first commissioned job was by Charlotte (at the age of 2) for for PIANO PIANO the Restaurant in 2016, and since then, they continue to fill the walls of their parents restaurants and beyond.  The girls now have collectors from all around the world and they are breaking down the barriers of what it means to live an abundant, creative life. They are trailblazers and believe strongly that creativity is the new literacy. Both girls are leaders in design concept, trust in the process of creative play and are teaching us what it means to be worthy of living a creative life. They are deeply passionate about what it means to be alive on this earth. The playful expression of their paintings and artwork is loved by their collectors and the overall sense of love, connection and joy it brings to people’s lives is making these girls the greatest and most influential artists of our time.  What started as a fun, creative idea with 408paint has turned into a magical learning lesson for all of us to 'dream big', surround yourself with inspired community and imagine a life full of possibilities.

Currently, they are working on the '408' collection - a collection of 408 paintings being sold for $408 each with a save, spend and give back element to each painting sold. Through the process of making art they are understanding and learning about the value of self-worth, money (how to save and spend it) and most importantly how to be in service and give-back to communities and programming in need. A portion of the sales from each painting will be donated to local charities and programs in need - so far, the girls have raised and donated over $4800.

The girl's goal with the current 408 collection is...

"We are so happy and grateful now that we have donated over  $35,000 to local charities/programming in need." 

Date Completed: December 31st, 2021 

408paint is Inspired, Creative, Mindful Art made with love for a cause.  

Custom and ready made 'one of kind' pieces are available to order below.  Thank you for sharing in our magic.

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Currently 408paint has raised over $4800 towards the $35,000+ goal to the below charities and programming.

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