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'Twas the night before the New Moon...

THURSDAY, FEB 8th 2024

The Rock Store Temple Room

Toronto, Ontario

Image by Aaron Burden
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Image by Kristopher Roller


FEB 8th | 6:30pm-9:30pm


An evening of sacred circle - a safe space to connect, share, and merge to magic to illuminate the 1000 suns that you already are!

6:00pm Rock Store Shopping

Please arrive early to get settled in before we begin.

6:30pm Opening Meditation

7:30pm Sacred Circle, Rest & Reiki Healing

9:00pm Closing Circle

Suggested Donation - $60


Join Nikki and Maria at the store ahead of time to enjoy a private shopping experience at the store.

A portion of sales from this evening will be donated to NANkind (Free supportive care for families affected by cancer) on behalf of Nikki Magic to a family in need this Holiday. Season.

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Understanding the importance of restoring our body, mind, and spirit amidst the everyday change in our lives through practical mindset and daily retreat practices that support well-being and the power of imagination to unlock creative flow and your personal magic!

- Nikki Magic

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The Rock Store is a crystal haven and Healing Centre that offers a safe and sacred space for community to gather in the heart of downtown Toronto. Set in a beautiful, light filled and airy 100 ft long crystal palace, it supports a retail store specializing in crystals, meditation aids, books, ritual tools, and yoga products. The Rock Store also has a variety of services from Reiki treatments to Intuitive readings, signature classes and certification programs in Astrology, Reiki and Tarot.  We are deeply inspired by the beauty of the Earth, through rocks, crystals, and nature. We seek to bring our love of nature and all its wonders to our community in how we curate our products, the care and attention we place in our jewellery and signature crafts, the earthly and natural decor and sensory environment.

The Rock Store Website
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Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation also known as “yogic sleep” or “effortless relaxation”. It is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the "going-to-sleep" stage, typically induced by a guided meditation. This beautiful practice combines deep relaxation, affirmation, breathing, mindfulness, visualization and self-inquiry to body, mind, and spirit and finding a deeper connection to true health, healing, and peace of mind.

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